Verizon FIOS Outage in Philadelphia and PA area

All systems are go here… but you may have trouble getting to us if you are a FIOS customer… Verizon confirmed with us this morning that there is a gateway router down in the Philadelphia area that is affecting service state wide… no ETA…

**Update.. service seems to have been restored as of 9:18 AM EST

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Date: Tuesday, 10. April 2012 5:33
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    Is there any public page that shows FiOS outage information? Or are you forced to contact Verizon directly?

  2. 2

    Nope.. you would think there would be.. had to call and wait on hold… not even a “If you calling from the Philadelphia Area, there is an outage…” type of hold message…

  3. 3

    I called, and waited, and waited. I will say – right at the beginning of the call, there was a recorded message saying there was an outage in my area (which apparently is the entirety of PA).

    But i wanted to get an ETA, or info like what you had posted ( i found this via my crackberry browser), but I couldn’t hold for more than 25 minutes, and there didn’t appear to be any website info *at all*. In fact, a more recent google search still brings your site up as the #1 and #2 hits.

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