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For those who are burning the candle at both ends…

Friday, 10. February 2012 15:10

There has been bug identified in the latest version of Zimbra 7.1.4….

If you use Outlook, and the Zimbra Outlook Connector, and you leave your machine/Outlook running for several days without a log off/restart… Then you may get an error from Zimbra like the following…

Note: Soap Fault. Please recreate and resend the message. Details below:

Error Code: service.AUTH_EXPIRED

Error Text: auth credentials have expired

You will not be able to send/receive mail until you restart Outlook…

We are waiting for a pre-release of the ZCO that corrects this issue… once we have it we can deploy where needed until the next version of Zimbra is released….


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Zimbra Happy

Friday, 10. February 2012 15:03

Its been a week since the performance issues have been resolved… so we are calling this one squashed…

Thanx for your patience as we worked through the issue…

but…. (see next post)

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