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Momentary downtime on Zimbra

Thursday, 3. January 2013 13:12

We are updating the SSL certs on the Zimbra1 (your log in screen will look like below) server this weekend on Sunday (time tbd) which will result in 5-10 of downtime as we reboot server.  This will not interrupt mail delivery but will affect your ability to retrieve mail during the reboot process… we appreciate your patience during this small amount of scheduled downtime.


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#i2m Christmas Party 2012

Wednesday, 5. December 2012 17:10

Its that time of year again and #i2m will be having our annual Christmas party this Friday the 7th from 10:30am till 2:30pm… so… if you have a regularly scheduled #i2m tech on site, they will be there in spirit only during that time as we wisk them off to a secret location for some fun…

Rest assured we will continue to monitor your systems and will be available if needed, but for non-emergency items, please be patient and we will get to you later in the day…

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Hurricane Sandy and #i2m Status

Tuesday, 30. October 2012 7:24

First off, we all hope everyone is safe and recovering from Sandy…

#i2m services did well with no interruption to any hosted system (mail, web, backups, etc)… So that was a relief.  Even though data centers are built to withstand this type of thing.. you never know…

So… our big systems are 100%, our techs tough,  are not… half of them are w/o power and/or internet and the other half are dealing with many customer systems that are down…

We ask that you be patient with us today as we try to get all the pieces of our customer systems back together…

Using the trouble ticket system would be best for cases that are not an emergency.  If you are not familiar with your dedicated email support address, you can juts send an e-mail to our general support queue at



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Zimbra2 down for scheduled maintenance..

Saturday, 13. October 2012 19:40

Zimbra2 will be unavailable for approx 2 hours Sat late night EST for some scheduled maintenance… all good…

This will not interrupt incoming mail, but will affect your ability to access mail.

We aplogize for any inconvienance…


**Update.. all done.. less then an hour.. thanx!

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Thursday, 27. September 2012 19:27

Those of you using Zimbra2 for mail will notice its down… the machine has been taken down for emergency maint… will will update you when we have more information..

**Update: all better… 100% restored, no lose of data, no interruption to mail delivery…

Thanx for your patience

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Internet Site Outings

Friday, 31. August 2012 15:32

If your website experienced an outage today 8/31/12 between 3 and 4pm our website hosting provider experienced a power outage.  All services have been restored.

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Web Service Interruption on Web2

Thursday, 30. August 2012 12:43

If your site was hosted on web2, you may have noticed an interruption to service from approx 1:08-1:20… the server was being flooded from an attacker from Canada… we had to block some IPs and restart the server to recover…

All good now…

Sorry for any inconvenience…

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Leap Second vs. Java vs. Zimbra

Sunday, 1. July 2012 13:19

You may have experienced some slowness with Zimbra (all servers, all locations) Saturday night into Sunday…  it turns out the the extra “second” added by the “time keepers” of the Internet on 7/1 didn’t play nice with Java, which runs a large part of Zimbra, and in turn caused alot of extra CPU usage..

See more here – >

Zimbra continued to run as normal, but had to fight for CPU, so was slower than it should have been…

All the Zimbra servers have been fix, simply updating the time to account for this extra second, puts things back to normal..


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Inability to send e-mail via BlackBerry since Upgrade

Monday, 4. June 2012 9:50

We are aware of the issue and are in the process of correcting it…

Thanx for your patience…

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Verizon FIOS Outage in Philadelphia and PA area

Tuesday, 10. April 2012 5:33

All systems are go here… but you may have trouble getting to us if you are a FIOS customer… Verizon confirmed with us this morning that there is a gateway router down in the Philadelphia area that is affecting service state wide… no ETA…

**Update.. service seems to have been restored as of 9:18 AM EST

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