Ubuntu 14.10 and feedindicator

Tuesday, 23. September 2014 18:45

Been playing with Ubuntu 14.10 and have had very little issue with it.. except…


I can’t live without this RSS indicator and it stopped working with:

$ feedindicator 
Attempt to unlock mutex that was not locked

Apparently an update to glib >= 2.41 its enforcing the “proper” way to unlock a mutex and alot of code is breaking…

Got the clue here.

If you add this line after line 1398 in version 1.03 of feedindicator:


it fixes the issue.




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Connectivity Issues…

Thursday, 2. January 2014 20:59

West coast Zimbra servers are unreachable right now..  we are aware and working to correct the problem…

Hang tight…

**UPDATE:  All better… upstream routing issue… lasted about 5 min…

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Zimbra Upgrades 8.0.6

Friday, 20. December 2013 23:09

Look here for the status of the upgrades as we move through them this weekend.

Please refer to the announcement e-mail sent earlier in the week for details.


UPDATE 11:10 PM EST: Upgrades started on zim5 and zim6

UPDATE 12:40 AM EST: zim5 and zim6 all good!


UPDATE 1:00 AM EST: Upgrades started on zim7

UPDATE 2:55 AM EST: zim7 all good!

UPDATE 9:55 AM EST: Upgrades started on zim4

UPDATE 10:50 AM EST: zim4 all good!


UPDATE 5:35 AM EST: Upgrades started on  zim3 (Late start, backup ran long)

UPDATE 8:05 AM EST : zim3 all good! (damn… missed our window…)

UPDATE 11:10 PM EST: Upgrades started on zim2


UPDATE 1:30 AM EST: zim2 all good!

All upgrades for all servers complete!




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Druva Server Down for Upgrade

Wednesday, 4. September 2013 18:16

The Druva server will be down for a bit as we back it up and upgrade it.  So if you have a scheduled backup happening, your client will complain, but will pick up once the server is back online…

All clients have a good 9/4/13 backup.

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Zimbra (Zim2) Maintenance this weekend.

Friday, 23. August 2013 8:28

This Zimbra e-mail system will be unavailable from approximately 11PM EST till 1AM EST this Saturday night into Sunday morning (8/24 – 8/25) for a significant upgrade.

We are doubling the memory and disk space of the machine as well as upgrading from Zimbra 7 to Zimbra 8.  Both changes will bring significant performance and feature enhancements.
Please check back here for progress updates during the upgrade and you can check here to see the up/down status (Zim2) of the server.

**Update: Not starting process to earlier in the morning, backup running longer than we expected… look for server down time 3am-5am.


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Increase Zimbra Attachment/Upload size

Tuesday, 18. June 2013 8:58

Ok.. love Zimbra, but sometimes finding answers to simple questions can be a bit daunting since there are so many “systems” working together…

So the question: increase the attachment size from default of 10m to 40m, lots of people with different answers… the simple:

$ zmprov modifyConfig zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize 41943040
$ postfix reload

from what looks like the “official” doc here didn’t work for me…

zimbra@zimbra:~$ postconf message_size_limit
message_size_limit = 41943040

Reported the right size, but still could not upload larger attachments.

So, I’m not sure if all these commands are necessary, but did the following and everything worked on two 8.0.3 severs:

zimbra@zimbra:~$ zmprov ms `zmhostname` zimbraFileUploadMaxSize 41943040
zimbra@zimbra:~$ zmprov ms `zmhostname` zimbraMailContentMaxSize 41943040
zimbra@zimbra:~$ zmprov mcf zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize 41943040
zimbra@zimbra:~$ postfix reload
postfix-script: refreshing the Postfix mail system
zimbra@zimbra:~$ postconf message_size_limit
message_size_limit = 41943040

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Zimbra2 down for Maintence

Saturday, 8. June 2013 23:10

Z2 will be down from approx 11:30pm EST til 1:00am EST tonight for some maintenance….

Thanks for your patience…


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web1 outage…

Monday, 3. June 2013 15:17

web1 suffered from a runaway process that rendered several web sites very unresponsive today from approx 3:25PM EST to 3:50PM EST….

We apologize for any inconvenience…

As a sidebar, the restart we had to issue to gain control back from the node ruined a string of 783 days of uptime for that node… oh well…

Please contact me with any questions….

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sshfs “read: Connection reset by peer” issue

Monday, 8. April 2013 12:21

Ok.. juts going to post this since I just wasted 2 hours of my time with this, part of which was reviewing countless post of how to fix this issue, none of which either pertained to my situation or worked….


You got a box you ssh with keys to every day no issue…  and you are like, “Hey, I’d like create a mount to make it easier to work on that box”, you use sshfs with the same credentials/keys and you simply get:

read: Connection reset by peer

Ok, you turn on debugging and the like.. no clues..  and proceed to waste 2 hours goggling like I did….

This is what was doing it for me.. relative vs. absolute paths to key and mount point… either missed it in the man page or whatever…

Where as this did not work:

sshfs <user>@<host>:. ./pick/ADR -o IdentityFile=.ssh/<key> 
-o ServerAliveInterval=60 -o Port=2322 

This does:

sshfs <user>@<host>:. /home/<user>/pick/ADR -o IdentityFile=/home/<user>/.ssh/<key> 
-o ServerAliveInterval=60 -o Port=2322

(both examples moved to 2 lines to fit better.. there obviously is no linefeed mid command…)

I’m sure there is a good reason why this user space tool requires an absolute path… but…

Hope this helps…

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Easter Zimbra Upgrades

Saturday, 30. March 2013 17:59

Several of our Zimbra servers will be getting software and/or hardware upgrades this weekend…

Downtime should not be longer then :30 and will not interrupt incoming mail,  just your ability to “get” it…

Thanx for your patience and we hope you enjoy the upgrades!

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